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Screen Memory? Unlikely.

July 31, 2009

Hi, Folks!

I just wanted to tell everyone that I’ll be on a few weeks’ hiatus, because I’m getting ready for Wizard World Chicago next week.  (For those who don’t know, I co-write and do all the art on Johnny Saturn, a webcomic that you may find at  Don’t be concerned that I won’t come back, though!  I’ve got a powerful lot of stuff to talk about and examine, and doing so here, in this arena, has been very therapeutic for me.

I’ll leave you with an interesting story about memory.  I recently examined screen memories, a term I believe coined by Bud Hopkins.  Sometimes, however, a memory is not a memory at all, as I can relate in the following anecdote.

When I was about eight or nine years old, a truck parked in the field next to our house and set up tethered hot hair balloon rides.  Kids from all over came and took rides on the balloon as it went up and down, tethered to its moorings.  I could see all this from my second story bedroom window, and I determined to go out and ride the balloon too.  I don’t know if I ever did, because the memory ceases there.

I remember all this in vivid detail, yet when I told this story to my wife, I immediately sensed that this never happened.  I felt sure it was a fake memory, but was it a screen memory?  The symbolism would be clear to any abductee researcher that this was some sort of screen memory for an “alien” abduction.

First up, I know my Grandfather, who tended those fields, would never allow such a thing on his ground.  He wouldn’t want his earth compacted, and he wouldn’t want to bear any potential indemnities that could have happened from accidents.  There were no crops out, because it was autumn and the field had already been disked over.

Unable to prove all this one way or another, I called my mother.  She told me that when I was about five a balloon came down in that field.  The truck that follows the balloon swooped in, and they packed up the balloon and drove away.  This is not all that uncommon in this area, and we’ve had two balloons come down on our property in the last twenty years.

So, there you have it.  Something did happen, something that I don’t remember, and in my mind it apparently transformed over the next few years into something else entirely.  It was no screen memory, but a real one that had been mangled by time.