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Evolver Retreats present:

September 6, 2009

The Supernatural

Exploring Other Dimensions
For this four-day journey, Reality Sandwich invites you to join some of today’s top theorists and practitioners in the emergent field of inter-dimensional exploration.

Our second RS Retreat features Graham Hancock, world-renowned author of Supernatural and Fingerprints of the Gods, Daniel Pinchbeck, bestselling author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Evolver co-founder, and Lisa Renee a “quantum therapist” and psychic channel.

Join us October 7-11, as we explore transformational terrain such as dimensional shifts, veiled realms accessed through altered states of consciousness, the unraveling of ancient myths and sacred sites, and intergalactic communication.

The Retreat Will Include:

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Petroglyph and pictograph explorations
  • Slot canyon adventures
  • Energetic Self-Mastery
  • “Galactivations”
  • Interactive sacred geometry
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • And more…
Come connect and collaborate with the Reality Sandwich crew in an intimate four-day gathering on ancient Anasazi land. Experience the community and engage in the conversation as we explore the mysteries and potentialities of other dimensions. Retreat starts Wednesday evening and runs until noon on Sunday.

Click here for a complete schedule

Tickets are limited so grab them early. All tickets include lodging and healthy meals.

With Special Guests:
Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is the author of the international bestsellers The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heavens Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures and TV appearances, including the three-hour series Quest For The Lost Civilisation, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism. He is the editorial director of Reality Sandwich and

Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee is an intuitive, spiritual mentor, writer, quantum therapist and etheric surgeon. Several years ago, she experienced a “Starseed Awakening” enabling her to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the evolutionary forces of light. Since then, she has become a spiritual guide and multidimensional energetic healer for the “planet’s ascension cycle.”


From the heavens…

July 21, 2009

As I prepare an essay on an odd occurrence from my formative college years, I thought I would give you something to ponder… a discovery on youtube that you may find illuminating.

The Occult Detective


A Transformative Event, Part I

July 21, 2009

Part I, Strange Bedfellows

On August 9th through 12th of 2006, I attended Wizard World Chicago, a large comic and pop culture convention held every year at the Donald E Stephen’s Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, on the edge of the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  It was Friday evening, following the second day of the show, and first full day of the show, and I was in my 6th floor room at the Embassy Suites across the street.  I slept deeply, because these shows can wear your out.

I’m a large, middle-aged man with severe sleep apnea, so I sleep alone and wear a breathing apparatus attached by a hose to a Respironics CPAP machine.  This was nothing new, and I had been assisted by this machine for two-and-a-half years at this point.  Even with the room’s air conditioner turned to max, it was still uncomfortably warm for me, and I slept with only a sheet over me.

At approximately 2:00 a.m., after having been asleep for at least four hours, I awoke to witness three beings standing by the edge of my bed.  My first impression was that these people (?) were literally downloading information into me.

For whatever reason, I was neither alarmed nor puzzled.  I don’t know if I suffered from sleep paralysis or not, because I made no attempt to move, but likewise didn’t feel constrained in any way.  I can’t say if it was because I didn’t want to upset the process, or what, but I was calm and at peace with what was happening.

The beings were somewhat indistinct.  They were, I believe, physical, or perhaps very realized on an astral level.  They were all three identical, in form-fitting white garments that lacked seams or folds.  Either they were nearly human sized, or they floated high enough off the floor to appear human height.  I could not see their hands from my vantage, which were at their sides.  The oddest thing about them was that their heads far outsized their bodies, or, more likely, the radiance/aura they emitted did, and the light of their heads hid their actual features away.  It was as if they had large light bulbs for heads.

For an indeterminate amount of time, I observed these three.  I knew there was an exchange or downloading of information going on, but what it was I didn’t know.  Unconcerned, I drifted back to sleep.  It sounds outlandish to go to sleep when confronted with something so blatantly paranormal, but part of the experience was a feeling of safety and calmness.

The next morning, I awoke with a crystal clear memory of what had transpired, and the memory became set as something of a signpost in my mind.  I didn’t tell anyone about it for weeks, and I didn’t want to.  To be honest with myself, I almost felt lucky to have been treated to this.

If you came to the conclusion that perhaps I had had a particularly vivid lucid dream, I wouldn’t blame you.  Nor could I categorically deny it.  I’ve had many lucid dreams over the years, as have most people, but this felt completely different.  Perhaps you might say that what I encountered was founded not in our four-dimensional consensual reality, but in some subjective reality of my own.  Again, maybe.  There were no physical trace effects in the room or on my body that I could see, and absolutely no evidence that anyone or any entity had made an outside entry through the rooms sealed windows.  Consequently, despite these people’s feeling of mass and physical presence, I can only think that they were astral, or materialized there, or some such.

Am I particularly reliable witness?  As far as I’m concerned, yes: I’m educated, traveled, and reasonably well respected.  But, as a cartoonist and writer, I make a meager living off my imagination, so I doubt that makes me unimpeachable.

At first I felt that this was some sort of astral initiation rite, that perhaps the so-called Secret Chiefs of 19th century occultism had singled me out for some sort of elevation.  (That idea was courtesy of Bob Freeman, who I consulted early on in the process.)  Later, I became concerned that these people were aliens, and perhaps I had been abducted.  I’m glad to say that I don’t believe the latter is the case.  There was nothing ‘alien’ or unduly ominous about these three, and I don’t believe I was taken from my room or marked, tagged, etc., in any way.

In any case, despite the singular nature of this encounter for me, I suppose it could have been written off as some sort of bizarre dream state if nothing else happened.  Things did happen, though, and this event led into a particular odd period of my life laced with high strangeness.  I’ll cover that in another post to this thread.  I’ll also post a drawing I made of this event.

In the six months that followed what I now refer to as a Transformative Event, a great deal of change and synchronicity entered my life.  While I wouldn’t call most of this High Strangeness, it was still all quite strange for me.

As soon as I got home from Chicago, I began to fill a journal book with ideas.  Information was cascading in at me from every direction, and I made a point of trying to get my thoughts down.  I had always been interested in cosmology, but now I was being assaulted by rather complete and coherent ideas about consciousness, reality, space and time, psychic ability, and magic.  As I filled page after page of my notebook, I kept suddenly coming across interesting idea synchronicities, where I discovered that lead thinkers in their fields were coming up concepts similar to what I had written down.

I’ll cover these ideas in the next installment.  I also will make it clear that I am not trying to put myself on a level with the great thinkers of our time when they arrived at similar conclusions.  I won’t even claim that that I haven’t come across some of these ideas in singular forms in my past readings, conveniently storing them away in my subconscious.  I will say, however, that all these ideas had reached a critical mass, assumed a coherent and workable form, and piled into my mental queue waiting to be written out.  Where these ideas part of the “download” I had experienced in that hotel room?  I believe so.


The Others…

July 10, 2009

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the almost innumerable beings that populate the world behind the world, and how hard they are to categorize.  We usually call them demons, gods, archetypes, shadow people, aliens, sylphs, elementals, and so forth.  There are qualities all these beings have in common.  I’m not suggesting that all these beings are really one type of being, but we can tell a bit about them as a group.  I refer to this class of beings as the “others.”

Some of these characteristics I’ve drawn from modern paranormal history, and others from my study of folklore.  The patterns are surprisingly consistent between the two.

The others generally communicate through telepathy, in any language needed.  More often than not the others will lie to you, feeding you misinformation.  Why they do this is unknown: perhaps they are natural tricksters, or maybe they feed off their victim’s fear.  The others are most likely shape changers, and they can assume any forms that best speak to the humans they are communicating with.  In other words, if you expect to see an elf, you’ll see an elf, or gray alien, or shadow person, or whatever the viewer expected.  (In all likelihood, these being are creatures of pure will, and thus project the appearance they desire. It is unknown if they have established forms or appearance when not dealing with humans.)

The others can become “real” or tangible as desired, or they can affect objects and people from their “unreal” state.  In older stories about elfs, the others were known to blind people who could see them, suggesting that the others value their privacy.  Indeed, the others live and work and interact all around us, generally paying us no attention.  They can see us even when we can’t see them.  Certain psychedelic drugs open the appropriate senses to see these beings, and some people seem to be born with this ability.

While not always evil, the others show little concern with the rights or dignity or lives of the humans they affect.  We are little more than livestock to them.  The others have also, down through time, from elves to aliens, shown a marked interest in human sex and reproductive abilities.  Theories why this is so exist, but in the end we simply don’t know.  Tales of hybrid children and mysteriously pregnancies that suddenly aren’t there anymore are common elements of the modern other’s fascination with reproduction.

lamYou might wonder why I’ve included aliens so prominently in this discussion.  This is easy: Aliens aren’t from outer space, and even if they once were they have been among us for at least 11,000 years and most likely from the beginning.  The first gray alien encountered was Aleister Crowley’s Lam.  This is a fascinating tale, and once the gate was opened it most likely was never closed again.  It is for this reason that grays are the type of alien most often seen in North America, the same continent where Crowley summoned Lam.

I make no claim that ghosts are others.  Most ghosts are us, post-mortal humans.  They seem to have some telekinetic ability, and probably some telepathic ability as well, but they are sourced from the “real,” objective world, not the world of the others.  The others were never mortal humans.

Are cryptids others?  Excellent question.  At this point I’m of the opinion that these are physical beings from nearby dimensions or parallel realities.  It is very likely that realities or universes overlap and bleed into each other on a regular basis.  Cryptids are simply the native fauna of other worlds that temporarily co-exist with our own world.  For example, there is no way that a large primate could inhabit North America and remain hidden.  There aren’t the food resources left for such beings, and no one has ever found a body or bones.  Big Foot isn’t from around here, folks.  The same goes for the big cats in Britain, or any number of lake monsters around the world.

I should also address artificial beings, man-made ethereal creatures such as Tulpas, which have also been referred to as Phantasmata or Aquastors.  These beings, if not destroyed at the end of their prescribed use, tend to grow more powerful, independent, and rebellious as time goes on.  I would not be surprised to learn that they eventually adopt all the others’ standard traits.  Many people have suspected that the old gods of mythology were created and empowered by the belief of their worshipers.  It’s not so difficult now to see the mechanics by which this is possible.

Can we interact with the others?  Easily.  The problem is getting rid of them once you’ve opened the door.  Medieval wizards went to great lengths to harness the others (typically demons, angels, and elementals) to their wills, making them temporary slaves.  I would suggest that this almost never worked to the wizard’s long-term benefit, and probably eventually ended in madness and ruin.

What is the other’s home world or dimension like?  Much of it seems to be a more or less analogous copy of our world, just one in a slight dimensional offset from ours.  Some of it seems very alien indeed.  Grant Morrison, a noted chaos magician and writer, described the other’s world as sort of a harsh, cacophonous, painfully bright place with an industrial appearance, a terrible place of machines within machines within machines.

I’ve given you a lot to think about here, and much of it you may disagree with.  That’s fine.  I’m all about being open minded and willing to entertain all sorts of contradictory ideas.  You comments are welcome.



Look, up in the sky…

July 8, 2009


Here’s a blog I filed on August 3, 2006. Interestingly enough, April 17th 2008 would see a similar occurrence in nearby Kokomo that would capture international attention and initiate a visit from the History Channel’s UFO Hunters.

Strange but True…

Last night I left my house at the usual time, prepared for my nightly bike ride. Something far from the usual occurred however… Looking into the clear night sky I witnessed a thin streak of fire arcing from the southern horizon. My first thought was that it was a shooting star… but its trail was too long. Suddenly to the north, the fire trail ended in a huge explosion. White hot, it billowed outward, with smaller red fire eruptions coming from the white mass. I heard no sound…

What the hell was it? A plane? A satellite? A spacecraft? I watched as the explosion dissipated in the sky… sparkling debris raining down, then… nothing. The sky was returned to its tranquil splendour.

I rode on to my friend Doug’s, a fellow riding enthusiast, and we placed a call first to the Indiana State Police, then to the Miami County Sheriff’s Department… I made a statement, filing an official report.

Was it a terrorist attack?

Twenty minutes later I met with the Converse Town Marshal, Roger Bowland, and discussed the matter with him. he had already been briefed by Miami County. See, Grant County had received three reports… two from the town of Swayzee… one from the town of Sweetser… of unidentified objects flying out of the southeast, black triangular shaped against the black sky… no lights, no sound.

The mystery deepens…


How Aleister Crowley Introduced the Iconic Gray Alien

April 5, 2009

lamIt is common within UFO and abduction narratives to find references to Whitley Strieber’s groundbreaking and now classic book, Communion. Although there were several abduction oriented books before its publication, and many varying depictions of the gray alien, for whatever reason, that particular book and its cover image seemed to finally cement the UFO/abduction phenomenon and the image of the alien into our consciousness.

The image was powerful not only on this mass scale, but individually also; there are accounts of people noticing the cover’s rather menacing bug-eyed alien and subsequently uncovering their own abduction encounters. In short, the image is and was undeniably powerful. But why?

There are many so called “nuts and bolts theorists”-those believing in the literal, tangible, straightforward reality of UFOs and aliens–who would argue (maybe rather exasperatedly) that the answer is obvious: that Strieber, being an “experiencer” himself, with full memory, and full writerly abilities, conveyed the abduction experience and attendant aliens in narrative and visual form, exactly. While it’s possible, it’s merely a logical deduction, and the alien story is an assumption.

Many might be surprised to learn that Strieber himself doesn’t (or didn’t) necessarily adhere to the nuts and bolts theory, or even that the entities are necessarily aliens.

In a Barnes and Noble Author’s chat transcript, dated April 12, 1997, he makes these following curious statements: “Is there such a thing as ‘grays?’ I don’t know.” ” I don’t know what the ‘visitors’ are.” And, “I assume aliens are the answer when we don’t know what’s going on.”

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