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The Highgate Vampire

August 15, 2009

originally posted at The Occult Detective

Children of the 70s most likely recall very well the much publicized account of the Vampire of London’s Highgate Cemetery, as well as the subsequent feud between “paranormal investigators” Sean Manchester and David Farrant, a feud that, it seems, continues to this day.

The above trailer is promoting a movie on the subject from filmmaker Asa Bailey. Highgate Vampire is reported to have a 2010 release in mind. While I’ll admit the trailer is enticing, it also bears little resemblance to the supposed accounts of the goings on there some thirty odd years ago.

It is an interesting case, more from a sociological standpoint than from that of an actual paranormal investigation. I was fascinated then, as a young boy, easily enthralled by the mysteries of the world and the promise of those things that go bump in the night being altogether real and dangerous… and I am fascinated now, for different reasons, of course.

Have a quick look into the history of the infamous case of the Highgate Vampire. Wikipedia touches on the subject nicely. Visit by way of the link here. If you’ve a mind to search deeper, both Farrant and Manchester have written books on their adventures at Highgate, and there are plenty more places on the web to ferret out even more.

Happy hunting… Just be sure to arm yourself appropriately. Garlic and a cross of silver should suffice.


Spirit Animals

July 15, 2009

shadows dark

I wrote this post well over a month ago, and just haven’t had time to stop by to post it. I’ve since debated whether or not to post it at all, however I am curious about others’ experiences and would really like to see some discussion generated on this topic. I do have some heavier, more serious topics coming up, I promise.
Jodi Lee

A small menagerie resides in my house. There are six cats, three dogs, a guinea pig and a fish. Four cats, two dogs, the guinea pig and the fish have heartbeats, the others are spirit animals.

I know what some of you might say. ‘Animals don’t have souls so they can’t leave a spirit behind.’ I’d challenge that with every living thing has a spirit, a soul – even the planet. I know what I’ve seen and felt. We have two spirit cats and a spirit dog. Actually, there may be two spirit dogs, as one appears in the altar mirror once in a while, but as for walking around, tail wagging and doggie-breath, it’s one. I’ve told Bear’s story elsewhere, but suffice to say here that she had a few bad years in the ten or so of her life, most of which I could have prevented, and I will forever be saddened by. She forgave me my leaving her behind, and is one of the spirits in this house, one of many we brought with us when we moved in here.

I have awakened to a cold, wet nose on mine more than once, we hear her toenails on the floor in the kitchen, we’ve seen her shadow move through a room. I have, still half-asleep, reached out to pet her when I felt her get on the bed. While our Little Bear physically shares the same build as her grandma, they are different in coloring… Bear Sr. was almost all black, except for her legs, which were palest cream, almost white. There is no way I could mistake younger for the elder, particularly since the younger sleeps in my daughter’s room every night, and the door is closed. There is just no way around it, despite all the hardships she was put through, Bear has stayed with her family, even in death.

My first pet, Maggie the Cat, has been with me since I was five years old. She was thirteen years old and almost overnight it seemed her age had caught up with her; she became very ill. The vet informed us she had liver cancer, and even at sixteen, I knew the best option for her was the Rainbow Bridge. The poor vet had never had such an emotional pair as my mother and I, and after it was done we took her home to bury her under the apple tree. My grandfather had built a tiny coffin, and lined it with silk stolen from the lining of my grandma’s good coat. I was heartbroken, and nearly inconsolable.

A week later, she came to sleep on my bed, curling up by my pillow, and purring. She has done this almost every night for the last twenty years. I know I’m not dreaming, and I know it’s not my imagination. I’ve been sitting up in bed, wide awake, with lights on and reading, and I’ll feel the steps across my legs, and movement near the pillow. Within moments, I’ll hear her purr.

The most prominent animal spirit in the house is that of Pyewacket. Pye was originally meant to be my cat, but in no time Pye became my youngest daughter’s constant companion. He was only two years old when he was killed in a most cruel and inhumane way. Care was heartbroken, as were we all, but she lost all of her spark and hid away from everyone and every thing. It was several months before we were able to accept he was in fact gone for good, and only after the persons responsible told the girls how it had been done (also in a very cruel and inhumane way.)

Pye is now a regular visitor in Care’s room, and occasionally stops in mine. Some nights, usually around the time of year that he was killed, we hear his voice, yowling as only a Siamese can. We have a picture of him looking out of the altar mirror; very obviously Pye, but there is no cat in front of the mirror.

Have you had a similar experience? Perhaps someone you know has been visited by a deceased furry family member? Share your thoughts!

Jodi Lee


The Others…

July 10, 2009

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the almost innumerable beings that populate the world behind the world, and how hard they are to categorize.  We usually call them demons, gods, archetypes, shadow people, aliens, sylphs, elementals, and so forth.  There are qualities all these beings have in common.  I’m not suggesting that all these beings are really one type of being, but we can tell a bit about them as a group.  I refer to this class of beings as the “others.”

Some of these characteristics I’ve drawn from modern paranormal history, and others from my study of folklore.  The patterns are surprisingly consistent between the two.

The others generally communicate through telepathy, in any language needed.  More often than not the others will lie to you, feeding you misinformation.  Why they do this is unknown: perhaps they are natural tricksters, or maybe they feed off their victim’s fear.  The others are most likely shape changers, and they can assume any forms that best speak to the humans they are communicating with.  In other words, if you expect to see an elf, you’ll see an elf, or gray alien, or shadow person, or whatever the viewer expected.  (In all likelihood, these being are creatures of pure will, and thus project the appearance they desire. It is unknown if they have established forms or appearance when not dealing with humans.)

The others can become “real” or tangible as desired, or they can affect objects and people from their “unreal” state.  In older stories about elfs, the others were known to blind people who could see them, suggesting that the others value their privacy.  Indeed, the others live and work and interact all around us, generally paying us no attention.  They can see us even when we can’t see them.  Certain psychedelic drugs open the appropriate senses to see these beings, and some people seem to be born with this ability.

While not always evil, the others show little concern with the rights or dignity or lives of the humans they affect.  We are little more than livestock to them.  The others have also, down through time, from elves to aliens, shown a marked interest in human sex and reproductive abilities.  Theories why this is so exist, but in the end we simply don’t know.  Tales of hybrid children and mysteriously pregnancies that suddenly aren’t there anymore are common elements of the modern other’s fascination with reproduction.

lamYou might wonder why I’ve included aliens so prominently in this discussion.  This is easy: Aliens aren’t from outer space, and even if they once were they have been among us for at least 11,000 years and most likely from the beginning.  The first gray alien encountered was Aleister Crowley’s Lam.  This is a fascinating tale, and once the gate was opened it most likely was never closed again.  It is for this reason that grays are the type of alien most often seen in North America, the same continent where Crowley summoned Lam.

I make no claim that ghosts are others.  Most ghosts are us, post-mortal humans.  They seem to have some telekinetic ability, and probably some telepathic ability as well, but they are sourced from the “real,” objective world, not the world of the others.  The others were never mortal humans.

Are cryptids others?  Excellent question.  At this point I’m of the opinion that these are physical beings from nearby dimensions or parallel realities.  It is very likely that realities or universes overlap and bleed into each other on a regular basis.  Cryptids are simply the native fauna of other worlds that temporarily co-exist with our own world.  For example, there is no way that a large primate could inhabit North America and remain hidden.  There aren’t the food resources left for such beings, and no one has ever found a body or bones.  Big Foot isn’t from around here, folks.  The same goes for the big cats in Britain, or any number of lake monsters around the world.

I should also address artificial beings, man-made ethereal creatures such as Tulpas, which have also been referred to as Phantasmata or Aquastors.  These beings, if not destroyed at the end of their prescribed use, tend to grow more powerful, independent, and rebellious as time goes on.  I would not be surprised to learn that they eventually adopt all the others’ standard traits.  Many people have suspected that the old gods of mythology were created and empowered by the belief of their worshipers.  It’s not so difficult now to see the mechanics by which this is possible.

Can we interact with the others?  Easily.  The problem is getting rid of them once you’ve opened the door.  Medieval wizards went to great lengths to harness the others (typically demons, angels, and elementals) to their wills, making them temporary slaves.  I would suggest that this almost never worked to the wizard’s long-term benefit, and probably eventually ended in madness and ruin.

What is the other’s home world or dimension like?  Much of it seems to be a more or less analogous copy of our world, just one in a slight dimensional offset from ours.  Some of it seems very alien indeed.  Grant Morrison, a noted chaos magician and writer, described the other’s world as sort of a harsh, cacophonous, painfully bright place with an industrial appearance, a terrible place of machines within machines within machines.

I’ve given you a lot to think about here, and much of it you may disagree with.  That’s fine.  I’m all about being open minded and willing to entertain all sorts of contradictory ideas.  You comments are welcome.



A trip down memory lane…

June 17, 2009


Beginning today I will be reposting blogs from the past covering some of my excursions into the paranormal. First up will be a series of blogs concerning the Elwood Opera House which has recently opened itself up to anyone up for the challenge of exploring its wonders.


originally posted on May 1, 2006
(minor editing for spelling and superfluous content)

The Elwood Opera House in north/central Indiana is one of the single most spectacularly haunted site I have ever had the pleasure to stalk. As a guest of the Wabash Paranormal Investigation and Research Group, I embarked on a night that, by the time it was over, would have me as giddy as a school boy on Christmas Morning. It was a treasure trove of paranormal activity. The type of location that an investigator dreams of.

Entering off of main street, we climbed a stair directly to the second floor, and I immediately felt not a singular presence but a whole host of preternatural entities.
The floor had been home to a Masonic Lodge from 1908 to 1999, and entering the Blue Room I was taken aback by the energies I felt. The Blue Room, now operating as a dining hall, had been the ritual chamber of the Masons. A vaulted ceiling 40 feet high loomed overhead, half-lit by blue mood lighting. To the east was a raised stage flanked by two pillars, the Boaz and Joachim pillars of Masonic lore. To the west, a double staircase that merged into one, rising to an overhead balcony.
The strongest presence in the room was coming from the south east corner of the room where a door awaited. I crossed the room and as I neared the door, it unlatched and swung inward of its own accord. It was then I knew the game was afoot.
Jason and the W.P.I.R.G. crew busied themselves setting up an impressive array of scientific equipment. Several cameras, motion detectors, evp monitors, and the like. Author Joy Harber, her daughter Shelby, and I set out investigating the building. Joy was armed with a pendulum, which she was quite proficient with, and I with a portable electro magnetic field detector.
Several hotspots were recorded. The men’s room. Several locations throughout the Blue Room. Hallways pulsed with activity. Several individuals caught the phantom smell of roses… and on two occasions, orb manifestations were clearly visible to a couple of lucky investigators.
Digital cameras came away with an impressive array of photographs depicting orb and ectoplasmic manifestations.
For me, the high point was the back stair. The caretaker of the building asked me to check it out without giving me any information. I opened the door and stepped into the dank stairwell and immediately felt ill at ease. Descending the stair I became more and more agitated. I began to sweat and the hair on my arms and neck were standing on end. When I reached the halfway point on the stair it hit me, a cold chill and a realization that I was standing atop of the spot where someone had died a very violent death.
I returned to the top of the stairs and the caretaker asked if I had sensed anything and I told him of my physical reactions. He said he believed someone had fallen to their death on those stairs. Immediately I replied, “No, they were pushed.” I couldn’t shake that feeling.
I returned to the spot with an EMF detector and got a reading of 6.8.
Jason and his band of paranormal investigators collected a huge amount of data that night and they are busy poring over it even now as you read this. I look forward to hearing their report from the scientific side of things…
It was a special night, filled with much wonder and a hell of a lot of skincrawling.
I can hardly wait to make another visit.
My thanks to Jason and the whole W.P.I.R.G. crew for making me feel so welcome. They are really on top of things and I look forward to joining them on many more adventures.

The Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa

May 26, 2009



Read my post on The Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa
at The Occult Detective.


Headed for Richmond

May 1, 2009

ghostlightioofrichmond4Tomorrow I’ll be taking a walkthrough of an historic building in downtown Richmond. A former Oddfellows Lodge built in 1865, the picture above is from 1896 and below as it appears today.


The Nightstalkers of Indiana are planning a paranormal investigation of the site later this summer. Details on the walkthrough early next week, and of course, an account of the investigation following.

~Bob Freeman
writing from the Haunted Hoosier Heartland


Hans Holzer

April 29, 2009

hans-holzerHans Holzer, known as the Father of the Paranormal, died Sunday at his Manhattan home after a long illness.

Dr. Hans Holzer, PhD, authored over 145 titles including Murder At Amityville, which was the basis for the 1982 film Amityville II: The Possession.

Having earned his PhD from the London College of Applied Science, he spent over five decades traveling the world to obtain first hand accounts of paranormal experiences, interviewing expert researchers, and developing parapsychological protocols and terminology such as ‘sensitive’ and ‘beings of light’.

hans-holzer2I first came across the work of Dr. Holzer in the 70s, through Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of… actually. This led me to books in the local library such as Ghosts I’ve Met, The Lively Ghosts of Ireland, Possessed!, and The Psychic Side of Dreams. These were invaluable to me and Hans Holzer’s work inspires me to this day.

He will be sorely missed.

I take a measure of joy today, however, knowing that Dr. Holzer has finally made the journey across the great divide for himself, and his questions… questions he asked all his life… have finally been answered.

Godspeed, Doctor.

~Bob Freeman
writing from the Haunted Hoosier Heartland