We are the Ghostwriters Society

William Shakespeare, speaking to us through the voice of Hamlet, wrote, “And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

There in lies the rub, eh?

We are charged, when confronting the preternatural, to “give it welcome”, to embrace the strange. The “strange” is all around us, hiding in the shadows perhaps, but sometimes hovering right before our very noses.

The simple truth is that most of us refuse to see or acknowledge that which cannot be easily defined.

That’s where we come in…

The Ghostwriters Society is home to those who seek the truth, be it through the means of science, religion, or the occult… or a combination of the three.

And more importantly perhaps, by the very nature of our nom de guerre, we are interested in writing about these experiences in which we find ourselves confronting the ineffable majesty of the inexplicable or the spine-tingling terrors felt when face to face with unfathomable creatures.

This blog is, in a sense, a paranormal watering hole where investigators, researchers, scientists, magicians, mediums, and the curious can come together without pretense.

Our sole aim is to bring attention to the paranormal for honest examination and for this site to serve as a refuge where we can share our experiences.

So pull up a chair near our virtual fireplace and share with us your tale and we in turn shall do the same. From the haunted halls of desolate and decrepit manors to the fog filled moors of feral lands… from the ruins of the sacred places once venerated by our ancestors to the storehouses of arcane knowledge and the dusty scrolls of ancient mysteries once lost only to be found again…

We are The Ghostwriters Society and welcome you to our discourse of those things that go bump in the night.


Ghostwriters Society Members:

Bob Freeman
Author, Illustrator, & Paranormal Adventurer

Scott Story
Illustrator & Paranormal Enthusiast

Doug Gentry
Illustrator & Paranormal Enthusiast

Jodi Lee
Author, Editor, & Paranormal Enthusiast

Jim Cobb
Freelance Writer, Private Investigator & Paranormal Enthusiast

Dan Chaplin
Paranormal Enthusiast



  1. Hi! Just wanted to say hello; stumbled across your blog today and really enjoyed reading it, thanks.

    • It’s our pleasure. Be sure to not be a stranger.

      ~Bob Freeman

      • Hi Jim, et all! Was following Linda and found your blog~ anything pertaining to her ongoing studies is always a great interest to us-what a gal, eh?

        will look forward to your blogs!

        Best regards,
        Elkhorn, WI

  2. Hey guys, I came across your site whilst reading the interview with my friend Linda Godfrey. Cool site. Would you be interested in interviewing me, I live in the UK and am the author of MONSTER! THE A-Z OF ZOOFORM PHENOMENA, the world’s first ever book on paranormal manimals, red-eyed monsters, sky serpents, pahtnom hounds, cultural vampires, Asian bogeymen, US Goatmen, Mothmen, man-dogs, were-beasts, mythical creatures, goatsuckers, Noodleman, Bunnyman etc.

    Best wishes


  3. While escavating an ancient ruins site the elite discovered knowledge  
    of the race of beings that came to this planet a long time ago

     They came on a a.r.k  alian race kraft. After the initial scout  
    mission the race returned this time they brought with them the means  
    to cultivate this planet to a  habitatable state. They brought
    dinosaurs to this planet and the Neanderthal type beings to work the  land. What we call the cave   
    The elite learned that there were two a.r.k s left behind and could  not locate them . 

    based on the inscription and pictures they began  
    trying to reconstruct the interstellar vehicles which we call u f o  .  
    None the less the cycles of time call for a change again man had out  lived the resources of the planet and had caused all sorts of  unstable conditions they felt that The answer is as it may have  
    been for the ancients, it was time to move to another planet only, the art of terraforming was lost some think that the a.r.k of the covanent  contains that  
    knowledge. …..
    I’m an aspiring writer …. Looking for a partner to help write paranormal books…. I have a.d.d and OCD …. Organization and focusing is a problem. Need help ! …lol

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