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The Highgate Vampire

August 15, 2009

originally posted at The Occult Detective

Children of the 70s most likely recall very well the much publicized account of the Vampire of London’s Highgate Cemetery, as well as the subsequent feud between “paranormal investigators” Sean Manchester and David Farrant, a feud that, it seems, continues to this day.

The above trailer is promoting a movie on the subject from filmmaker Asa Bailey. Highgate Vampire is reported to have a 2010 release in mind. While I’ll admit the trailer is enticing, it also bears little resemblance to the supposed accounts of the goings on there some thirty odd years ago.

It is an interesting case, more from a sociological standpoint than from that of an actual paranormal investigation. I was fascinated then, as a young boy, easily enthralled by the mysteries of the world and the promise of those things that go bump in the night being altogether real and dangerous… and I am fascinated now, for different reasons, of course.

Have a quick look into the history of the infamous case of the Highgate Vampire. Wikipedia touches on the subject nicely. Visit by way of the link here. If you’ve a mind to search deeper, both Farrant and Manchester have written books on their adventures at Highgate, and there are plenty more places on the web to ferret out even more.

Happy hunting… Just be sure to arm yourself appropriately. Garlic and a cross of silver should suffice.