The Art of Magic

July 28, 2009

One comment

  1. I watched these three, and two more on Youtube itself.

    There’s a lot of good information in here, but I feel compelled to make a few comments:

    1) Her definition of magic is so broad as to encompass all of human activity, supernatural or not. I don’t think this wide categorizing is that useful. Still, intriguing idea.

    2) Magic is about change, but it also has another function, that being collecting information. This includes all the augery and divination spells where the mage tries to find specific answers.

    3) The form of sex magic she describes is the same sort of gnosis used in chaos magic, the whole intention during orgasm thing. I am no expert on this whatsoever, but I know there’s a whole Tantric thing out there centered on sex.

    This having been said, I really liked these videos, and I know they wouldn’t have had time to delve into all the nuances of the subject matter.

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