From the heavens…

July 21, 2009

As I prepare an essay on an odd occurrence from my formative college years, I thought I would give you something to ponder… a discovery on youtube that you may find illuminating.

The Occult Detective



  1. Two points, one good and one not so good:

    1) I have tremendous sympathy for the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis. In fact, I think there is more than ample evidence, and this should be history, not paranormal history.

    2)The video was pretty good, primarily because the evidence is so good. They even offer some competing theories in text of the video. I am concerned that this is a Raelian production, as you can see in the very last frames. In the span of technology, from Nuts&Bolts guys to wide-eyed believers, The Raelians fall in the wide-eyed believer camp. From what I’ve read, for them it’s a religion, not a science.

    Thanks, Bob! Great stuff! Scott

  2. […] Read the rest… […]

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