Spirit Animals

July 15, 2009

shadows dark

I wrote this post well over a month ago, and just haven’t had time to stop by to post it. I’ve since debated whether or not to post it at all, however I am curious about others’ experiences and would really like to see some discussion generated on this topic. I do have some heavier, more serious topics coming up, I promise.
Jodi Lee

A small menagerie resides in my house. There are six cats, three dogs, a guinea pig and a fish. Four cats, two dogs, the guinea pig and the fish have heartbeats, the others are spirit animals.

I know what some of you might say. ‘Animals don’t have souls so they can’t leave a spirit behind.’ I’d challenge that with every living thing has a spirit, a soul – even the planet. I know what I’ve seen and felt. We have two spirit cats and a spirit dog. Actually, there may be two spirit dogs, as one appears in the altar mirror once in a while, but as for walking around, tail wagging and doggie-breath, it’s one. I’ve told Bear’s story elsewhere, but suffice to say here that she had a few bad years in the ten or so of her life, most of which I could have prevented, and I will forever be saddened by. She forgave me my leaving her behind, and is one of the spirits in this house, one of many we brought with us when we moved in here.

I have awakened to a cold, wet nose on mine more than once, we hear her toenails on the floor in the kitchen, we’ve seen her shadow move through a room. I have, still half-asleep, reached out to pet her when I felt her get on the bed. While our Little Bear physically shares the same build as her grandma, they are different in coloring… Bear Sr. was almost all black, except for her legs, which were palest cream, almost white. There is no way I could mistake younger for the elder, particularly since the younger sleeps in my daughter’s room every night, and the door is closed. There is just no way around it, despite all the hardships she was put through, Bear has stayed with her family, even in death.

My first pet, Maggie the Cat, has been with me since I was five years old. She was thirteen years old and almost overnight it seemed her age had caught up with her; she became very ill. The vet informed us she had liver cancer, and even at sixteen, I knew the best option for her was the Rainbow Bridge. The poor vet had never had such an emotional pair as my mother and I, and after it was done we took her home to bury her under the apple tree. My grandfather had built a tiny coffin, and lined it with silk stolen from the lining of my grandma’s good coat. I was heartbroken, and nearly inconsolable.

A week later, she came to sleep on my bed, curling up by my pillow, and purring. She has done this almost every night for the last twenty years. I know I’m not dreaming, and I know it’s not my imagination. I’ve been sitting up in bed, wide awake, with lights on and reading, and I’ll feel the steps across my legs, and movement near the pillow. Within moments, I’ll hear her purr.

The most prominent animal spirit in the house is that of Pyewacket. Pye was originally meant to be my cat, but in no time Pye became my youngest daughter’s constant companion. He was only two years old when he was killed in a most cruel and inhumane way. Care was heartbroken, as were we all, but she lost all of her spark and hid away from everyone and every thing. It was several months before we were able to accept he was in fact gone for good, and only after the persons responsible told the girls how it had been done (also in a very cruel and inhumane way.)

Pye is now a regular visitor in Care’s room, and occasionally stops in mine. Some nights, usually around the time of year that he was killed, we hear his voice, yowling as only a Siamese can. We have a picture of him looking out of the altar mirror; very obviously Pye, but there is no cat in front of the mirror.

Have you had a similar experience? Perhaps someone you know has been visited by a deceased furry family member? Share your thoughts!

Jodi Lee



  1. I feel compelled to comment, Jodi. Six years ago, our cat Patience (aka Patty) passed on. She was ten, and she had some sort of inoperable growth in her abdomen. We were such an emotional mess putting her down that the vet sent us bill of $0.00 for the service. He’s a good man.

    Anyway, over the last six years we’ve seen Patty running around the house more times that I could count. Benita, my wife, has also seen her often, and we came clean with each other about seeing her. Patty’s activity doesn’t seem confined to one part of the house.

    To be honest, I’ve never been able to decide whether ghost Patty is an actual spirit, or an astral playback, film footage caught in a loop. I still don’t know.

    I do know that the animating force that each living being has, called the spirit, soul, ka, or whatever else, may sometimes survive the death of the host body. I’m also reasonably confident that animals, or at least the more intelligent animals, live by the same system.

    I’ve also learned that love, and grief, are forever. A person or beloved pet may be gone, and you grow used to them being gone, but grief remains undimmed, as does the love. I loved Patty greatly, and I believe I always will.

    Well, I’ve probably written too much, but I felt compelled. Thanks, Jodi.

  2. I do wonder if we’ll ever be able to prove existence of spirits over the energy playback (or overactive memory, for that matter). I know the living cats in our house do play with the spirit cats…my youngest has seen them play tag as cats will. But that is a personal experience and can’t be followed up with scientific fact. The crossroads between believing and wanting solid evidence..lol.

    The grief and the love – yes, I most heartily agree, they do stay far beyond the cycle of departed friends.

    Thanks for commenting, Scott!

  3. You are NOT crazy. I moved into a house 3 weeks ago. And this morning..I felt soft footsteps, in my bed, and something small curled up behind my back! I heard the footsteps on the comforter and felt the weight pull on the blanket when it walked!

  4. I know for a fact anamals have souls. I have a picture. It is on emmas house ghost picts. It show a ghost child and dog.

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