Look, up in the sky…

July 8, 2009


Here’s a blog I filed on August 3, 2006. Interestingly enough, April 17th 2008 would see a similar occurrence in nearby Kokomo that would capture international attention and initiate a visit from the History Channel’s UFO Hunters.

Strange but True…

Last night I left my house at the usual time, prepared for my nightly bike ride. Something far from the usual occurred however… Looking into the clear night sky I witnessed a thin streak of fire arcing from the southern horizon. My first thought was that it was a shooting star… but its trail was too long. Suddenly to the north, the fire trail ended in a huge explosion. White hot, it billowed outward, with smaller red fire eruptions coming from the white mass. I heard no sound…

What the hell was it? A plane? A satellite? A spacecraft? I watched as the explosion dissipated in the sky… sparkling debris raining down, then… nothing. The sky was returned to its tranquil splendour.

I rode on to my friend Doug’s, a fellow riding enthusiast, and we placed a call first to the Indiana State Police, then to the Miami County Sheriff’s Department… I made a statement, filing an official report.

Was it a terrorist attack?

Twenty minutes later I met with the Converse Town Marshal, Roger Bowland, and discussed the matter with him. he had already been briefed by Miami County. See, Grant County had received three reports… two from the town of Swayzee… one from the town of Sweetser… of unidentified objects flying out of the southeast, black triangular shaped against the black sky… no lights, no sound.

The mystery deepens…


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