First Annual Paranormal Meet & Greet EXPO

May 1, 2009

First Annual Paranormal Meet and Greet EXPO

Hosted By: WPIRG, Crossroads Paranormal and ASPRN

When: Saturday, Jun 6, 2009 11:00 AM

Where: Honeywell Center Gym 275 W. Market Street Wabash 46992 .


All paranormal enthusiasts are welcome to attend and set up a table at the event free of charge. We have room for 50 – 70 tables and if you do not have your own tables, tables can be provided for you.

We are currently accepting donations from the groups or individuals to be given away via raffle at the event. Attendees will get 1 free raffle entry but if you bring a non perishable food item we will give you an additional entry! The food items donated will be given to a local non- profit food pantry to help those in need.

If you are planning to attend we would love for you to participate in our paranormal photo contest! Bring your photo to the event and people can vote for the best photo by placing a quarter into the canister that will be set out by your photo. The money raised from the voting will also be donated to a non-profit organization to help those in need through these tough economic times. The picture that has the most money in their canister will be the winner of the best paranormal photo (prize to be announced).

The ASPRN feed will be open for the event and CPR Show hosts Kris and Mike will be broadcasting the event and hope that other radio hosts from ASPRN will also participate in the broadcast. What this means is that if you are a group or individual that is going to attend the event stop by the live broadcast booth and tell us about yourself or your group LIVE ON AIR!

Table information contact wpirg@yahoo.com

Donations contact kris@cprshow.com

ASPRN contact mike@asprn.com


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