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The Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa

May 26, 2009



Read my post on The Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa
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Discussing those things that go bump in the night…

May 13, 2009


Here’s a little trip down memory lane. This is an excerpt from an online interview I did back in 2005 for the now defunct Insidious Reflections. I’m sure you’ll notice quite a few of the names of those involved. Because of the nature of a “chat room-like” discussion there are several typos throughout.

Robert Lewis: So, am I to take that line in your post to mean that you’re actually trained as a paranormal investigator?

Bob Freeman: Self-trained, I think would be a better phrase, though I do utilize a lot of the lessons I learned through Anthropology Field Study in my research. I should add that the Nightstalkers and I are not out there trying to prove that ghosts and demons and things that go bump in the night exist…we already know they do, and there are plenty of other groups out there seeking to quantify scientifically the paranormal’s existence… we are investigative adventurers. When things go bump in the night, we bump back.

Richard Hipson: What’s the most prominent paranormal discovery that you’ve made, the one that has left the biggest mark with you?

Bob Freeman: Probably the first major case I was involved in. It was around Thanksgiving 1983. The Nightstalkers were born that night. It involved demonic possession and enough Jungian Synchronicities to write a book about… A night full of arcane symbolism…and a night that changed the lives of everyone there forever. A close second involved the death of one of my best friends back in ’85. His death was predicted by a Ouija Board, which told us how he’d die and when… and when he visited me from beyond the grave, my belief in the paranormal was cemented.

Fran Friel: Considering your paranormal interests, have you studied the work of Robert Monroe or Bruce Moen? Bruce in particular has done a lot of work with retrievals.

Bob Freeman: I am very familiar with Monroe’s work, and until I discovered Robert Bruce, I was an avid student of his Astral Projection methodology.

Karen Koehler: Do you feel you have a natural “vibe” for the supernatural?

Bob Freeman: Yes, I do have an inner “spider-sense” when it comes to the supernatural. And that’s why I do what I do…for that creeping flesh tingle that shivers me timbers whenever I’m in the presence of the preternatural. It’s the closest I come to being an adrenaline junkie. It’s a lot more fun than sky-diving or bungee jumping.

Karen Koehler: It sounds a lot like you’ve had multiple run-ins with the supernatural. Do you think your personal experiences often find themselves a part of your stories?

Bob Freeman: They do tend to rear their ugly heads now and then. Cairnwood Manor and the idea of a hereditary pack of werewolves living in Somerset Indiana, along the banks of the Mississinewa was born from a real experience, when me and my fellow stalkers of the night had a run-in with a pack of hellhounds out on Devil’s Back Road when we were investigating a grouping of “haunted houses” that were located in the middle of the woods, seemingly abandoned in the blink of an eye. Hell, there were still plates of decaying food at the kitchen table and an open newspaper that was dated March 1968. The red eyes of the demon dogs still haunt me. And I promise you, I never ran as fast before or since as I did that night.

Karen Koehler: I just recalled that there’s a scene in CM where the vampires take refuge in an old farmhouse that has a similar feel to it–food and newspapers left out. Great, fun book, btw!

Bob Freeman: Yep…that’s the place, Karen…and thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Cairnwood Manor can be read like a map. All the locations are real, which I think makes the read all the more fun.

Chris Hedges: Hey Bob, I’m one of those folks that have a slight bit of a psychic twinkle. Man, we have a lot in common! Well we do and we don’t. I want to hear about some experiences with the Ouija board. I’ve had some crazy shit happen with those things. lol Also, I’m very interested in Astral Projection. Have you ever achieved it? I’ve tried and can’t quite get it. Any advice?

Bob Freeman: Alright. Strangest experience. Me and a small group of friends in an out of the way lake cottage in northern Indiana. We have been communicating with a very active spirit over the course of three days. Late evening, day three, we ask it who in the room will be the first to die. It answers “D-A-V-E-F”. There is no Dave F. in the room. We ask again. It answers “D-A-V-I-D”. We ask for a last name. It answers “D-O-O-R”. At that moment, there is a knock at the door. Enter our friend David Farr. We are freaked, of course. Dave was not expected, between school and work he was not supposed to be able to get free to join us on our week long excursion. We catch him up on what has happened. He’s excited, because that’s the kind of kid he was. He wants to know more. We ask when he will die. It answers “S-O-O-N”. More excitement from Dave. We ask how he will die. It answers “N-O-H-E-D-1-7”. . The board went silent after that. One week later? Dave was killed when he, as a passenger in a dune buggy, was decapitated when the vehicle he was in struck a luxury car head on while on his way to a party we were throwing out at the Mississinewa State Forest. It was two days after his 17th birthday.

Read the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. It will be a big help. And yes, I have walked the Second Road. It has been a struggle for the last few years however due to some health problems, but with the treatments I’m currently undertaking, I hope to be back to my old self and walking the astral path again.

Richard Hipson: Wow. That’s one incredible experience. Did that tend to stagger your desire to learn more of the spirit world or did it send you headlong into learning even more about communicating with the supernatural? Have you tried contacting Dave since? If I may, here’s a weird question for you in regards to spirits that have ever spoken to/through the sensitives of the world including your self. In your own opinion or experience, do you think that most of those spirits that have communicated from the other side have all walked this earth at one time or another like you and I, or do you think that there are some who have always been spirits and, in which case, may have more expertise at channeling their voices to the living?

Bob Freeman: The Nightstalkers were two years old at this time…it certainly inspired me to continue, especially when we made contact with David about a month after his death. At his wake, his mother passed around a box of personal effects. I took a small glass vial that Dave had purchased from Lawerence Lawerence, a pseudo-celebrity Wiccan High Priest with delusions of grandeur. This vial was supposed to contain an oil that would protect one from evil. It had a very distinct appearance and odor. The next day I buried the vial about three feet deep at Dave’s gravesite. As I said, a month later, we were at my home. I had been having some troubles with some rather nefarious practitioners of the dark arts and felt plagued by astral assaults. My friends and I were discussing these difficulties when I felt something tap me on the head. I looked around…nothing there. I felt the tap again. An oily substance was dripping onto my forehead. I touched it. I smelled it. It was the protection of evil oil. It was dropping out of the air and onto my head, anointing me in a fashion. I believe it was Dave, reaching from beyond the grave to give me aid… I’m not that sensitive and I don’t channel spirits. I converse with people who do and utilize their talents. I have confronted entities on the astral plane, and I’ve been able to use certain tools to help gather messages from the other side, but I don’t consider myself a medium by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, yes, there are spirits who have never known flesh except when they are allowed entry into another’s body. And yes, they can have a powerful command of preternatural abilities which is why High Magick is nothing to be trifled with.

Fran Friel: This is a great conversation! It’s wonderful to hear about your experiences. Thanks for sharing so candidly. My life for many years before being a writer was spent being a holistic healer – lots of “fun” in the astral. I’ve done a lot of long distance work and have found over the years, that there is an “in between” area where so much of the work takes place. Bringing the client to you or extending out to them works, too, but this in between void place is very fast and fluid. It’s like being out of body but still in the body – still physically aware. Have you experienced this in your travels? And have you noticed an increase in the last couple of years of more multi-dimensional awareness happening for you and your team?

Bob Freeman: What you describe sounds very much like the state one reaches in Past Life Regression Therapy, or what the Hopi Medicine Men call “the Short Walk of the Soul”. When I was with the Hopi back in 1990, I spent a lot of time with a Mesa Shaman named Alo, which is the Hopi word for “spiritual guide”. One night he and the Chief of a visiting tribe of natives from Vancouver Island sat with me outside of a kiva on the Oriabi Mesa. It had been constructed in the 11th century. We smoked and within that smoke Alo said danced the spirits of his ancestors and that my ancestors would call to me as well from within that sacred place which is but a short walk for the soul. It was a trance like state, very much like the feeling one gets from OBE but you remain grounded to the earth. Very enlightening and rewarding. I can attest to the potential for much healing magick to occur in this state.

The veil between the worlds I believe is approaching a time in its cycle when it is very thin. I expect that within the next seven years there will be a renewed interest in the gods of ones ancestors as they will have a stronger voice and more and more people will hear their call. But this thinning of the veil will attract more than our ancestors and the gods they lent power to… darkness and light walk hand in hand… there cannot be one without the other. I expect the years ahead to be eventful, to say the least.

And there you have it, warts and all.

~Bob Freeman
writing during a torrential downpour
in the haunted Hoosier Heartland


Jim Cobb interviews Zooform Researcher Neil Arnold

May 10, 2009

Neil Arnold is a researcher and author in the UK. He is one of the leading experts on zooform phenomena, as well as having spent two decades researching big cat sightings in the UK. His recent book, Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent, was preceded by his first book, Monsters! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena. Neil was kind enough to give us a little of his time to share with us his thoughts on zooforms and other findings.

Jim: Neil, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Let’s dive right in, shall we? What were some influences or possibly events in your life growing up you feel may have led you to becoming a researcher into monster folklore?

Neil: I think many researchers always pick out a few memories which have acted as triggers as to why they are the people they are to me. My father and grandfather were huge influences on me, they always told me about local legends. They were keen fishermen also and we’d spend many hours sitting around eerie lakes, and even the thought of catching big fish was a huge mystery to me. However, the film ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ (directed by Charles B. Pierce) and a book by Carey Miller called ‘Monsters & Mysterious Beasts’, played a major role in my writing. The former is a cult docu-drama about a Bigfoot-type beast roaming the river bottoms of Arkansas. It terrifies still today in its atmosphere, whilst the book by Carey Miller featured creatures such as the Yeti.

Jim: The focus of much of your work has been with zooform phenomena. Indeed, your book Monster! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena is the first book to concentrate on this area. Can you explain how zooforms differ from what might be termed the “traditional” theories regarding cryptids?

Neil: Cryptids are very much creatures which are likely to exist as flesh and blood animals. Crytpozoology is the study of ‘hidden animals’, meaning thought extinct but re-discovered species, new species, and mystery animals such as the Thylacine. I believe Bigfoot/Yeti to be ‘real’ undiscovered species of upright walking ape, and also that sea serpents are almost extinct species so none of these are zooforms. Zooforms are those arcane beasts such as Mothman, phantom hellhounds, sky serpents, winged humanoids, wolfmen, dogmen, Jersey Devil’s etc, which simply are a sum of many parts but more connected to the ‘supernatural’ rather than cryptozoology.

Jim: Would you still consider the study of zooforms to be under the umbrella of cryptozoology?

Neil: I don’t think zooforms should really be part of crytpozoology, but because zooforms often involve apparitions with animal characteristics which are clearly of great mystery, then the only place they can be pigeon-holed is under the wing of cryptozoology. However, cryptozoology is very much a science to me, new species, undiscovered species etc, but zooform phenomena should be in its own field, hence the reason for the book.

Jim: Do you feel UFOs fall into the zooform category or might there be some overlap between zooforms and some other phenomena?

Neil: Zooforms needed a category and researcher Jonathan Downes created the term ‘zooform phenomena’ to attempt to categorise ‘monsters’ which cannot be real yet which are still sighted the world over. I don’t think UFOs have any connection to zooform world, but of course, there are numerous sightings of strange creatures being dumped off by strange craft, but I don’t think there’s a connection. However, I think zooform creatures and UFOs are more related to the human psyche rather than other planets. or the deep woods.

Jim: The reason I asked about your thoughts on UFOs is because of the theory that UFOs might not be mechanical crafts but rather actual beings in the sky. Thus, I wondered whether you felt there might be a connection between UFOs and zooforms.

Neil: I think UFO’s are also a sum of many parts. Hoax, military craft, misinterpretation, and in some cases possibly creatures, there have been numerous reports of those strange rod-like objects and also great sky jellyfish which are all ‘unidentified flying objects’ in a sense. However, a majority of UFO reports concern seemingly mechanical craft.

Jim: In terms of field investigations, how might a researcher’s search for zooforms differ from tracking a flesh and blood creature?

Neil: Researchers often go in search of zooform creatures because many researchers believe such creatures to be real. Mothman, Jersey Devil, Monkey Man (India), Chupacabra (Puerto Rico), etc, have all been hunted for but I don’t believe these will ever be found because they are a sum of cultural fear, hysteria, hoax, ancient belief etc. They are the bogeyman, and the bogeyman has always been here. The Bray Read Beast of Wisconsin, in my opinion, will never be found by expeditions etc, because it is something from some other place which at times slips through the fabric of time and we see it, but it cannot be real.

Jim: If it is “something from some other place,” then wouldn’t it have to be “real?” Can you elaborate on this a bit for us?

Neil: By ‘some other place’, I mean another dimension, or that void which we believe ghosts etc come from. In regards to zooforms I always ask the question, “If no-one is there to see it, does it still appear?”, and I’m of the opinion that such things are tulpa’s, accidental manifestations, which require human interaction to appear. There is no way on this Earth that the forms mentioned in my book are flesh and blood. Of course, there is much on this planet unexplored and little we know about the human mind, and that’s where these things filter from, why? I don’t know. The phantom hellhounds aren’t simply the deceased pet dog of someone, but something far more sinister, but I think they come from us, not the woods. Alot of these creatures/apparitions etc, could well be connected with the lay of the land also, burial sites etc. The American-Indians and the like often spoke of mystical places and great creatures.

Jim: I understand you’ve also spent many years researching the big cat phenomena in the UK. Do you feel these are flesh and blood creatures people are seeing? If so, what are your theories as to how the cats got there?

Neil: Any researcher who claims that ‘big cats’, in the UK, or otherwise, are supernatural, demonic, zooform etc, are talking complete rubbish. In the UK the mystery is easy to understand, that over the centuries many, many large cats have been imported and gradually, over time been released or escaped into the wilds. Hell, even the Roman’s imported thousands of large cats such as the leopard. I think the same can be said in the US although many are convinced that the black cats are black cougars which of course, don’t exist. I think when mankind doesn’t understand something it likes to label it mythical, and these cats have become mythical but we underestimate their power, their intelligence and their stealth as elusive predators. I’ve seen large cats in the UK wilds, they are real. Fact.

Jim: Your book, Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent, just came out a couple months back. Any memorable experiences in putting it together?

Neil: The book is completely unique locally, it’s 400 pages thick and 90% concerns my hands on research out in the field. It’s not just a case of regurgitation but new material through my research as a full-time researcher. I’ve had numerous encounters and they make for great stories. I’ve been threatened by Satanists, shot at, almost run over trying to find a carcass of a dead exotic cat, had sever close sightings of large cats (black leopard three times, lynx once, puma once, and once involving a smaller cat I couldn’t identify.) and been contacted by thousands of people who’ve reported great stories. It’s been a blast…

Jim: Shot at? I think we’d all like to hear more on that one!

Neil: I’ve had many strange and scary encounters, and being shot was one of them. I was tracking a lynx on local marshland one night. The cat had already been seen by myself and also filmed, but upon entering a stretch of woodland one night, a light came on, a guy was on the back of a vehicle shining a beam at me and his friend fired a shotgun at me. The shell/bullet hit the ground next to my right foot, and I ran, in complete darkness about half a mile. I was lucky. I’m always out in the field, hence some of the strange people I encounter!

Jim: You’ve made mention in the past of your vast collection of crypto-related movies, books, and other items. Could you share with us a few of your favorites?

Neil: I’ve always collected crypto-documentaries since I was a child, because so many people watch things and then forget all about them or record over them. Nowadays they adopt a more scientific approach but I always used to love the atmosphere of stuff like ‘Man-Beast: Myth or Monster’ by Landsburg, and the old Arthur C. Clarke stuff. I’m planning a book on crypto-related movies, cartoons etc. Books, well, there are a lot of good books out on crypto stuff, but I always recommend anything by Karl Shuker (MYSTERY CATS OF THE WORLD, IN SEARCH OF PREHISTORIC SURVIVORS..), also Richard Freeman’s more recent, DRAGONS: MORE THAN A MYTH ?, Cropper and Healy’s THE YOWIE and OUT OF THE SHADOWS are great books also, so many really, some more for their atmosphere, and others more for their scientific enquiry. Alot of good Bigfoot books about, and the Loch Ness Monster books are a little dated, and it’s always good to read something different like Linda Godfrey’s BEAST OF BRAY ROAD etc. When I wrote my books, I wanted to write them as books which, as a kid, I’d have wanted to find in a shop.

Jim: Could you give us your top five favorite crypto-related movies and/or documentaries?

Neil: Films: The Legend Of Boggy Creek, Creature From Black Lake (swamp monster), Nature of the Beast (boy on British moorland hunts the elusive local big cat), Brotherhood of the Wolf (Beast of LeGevaudan which terrorised France).

Documentaries: Too many too mention, but Meldrum’s Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Chupacabra: The Island Terror, Man-Beast: Myth or Monster ? Hunt For Dogman, Strange Harvest (cattle mutilations) and there were some good US series which covered monsters such as Sightings, Monster Quest, Animal X, etc. I have so many on ghosts, UFOs etc, I lost count along time ago but they are all recorded on a huge list.

Jim: Any personal experiences with the unknown?

Neil: Apart from being fortunate enough to have tracked and seen large cats in the UK wilds, I’ve had no ‘paranormal’ experiences. I’m not really into ghosts etc, I guess I don’t have time to be but I’ve spoken to many people who’ve had some truly chilling encounters with a variety of spectres.

Jim: What advice or tips might you give to a new researcher looking to go out in the field and conduct their own investigations?

Neil: Be yourself. I find that within the fields of the paranormal, ufology or even cryptozoology, there is an amount of secrecy and pettiness between researchers, and it’s never changed. I’ve always kept myself to myself, but stood up for what I’ve believed in and any budding researchers out there should keep their head down, don’t get involved in the silly politics, and you’ll find a treasure trove of information.

Jim: That’s interesting. Do you think the politics you mention stem more from a feeling of competition or something else?

Neil: The petty politics are rife in most walks of life. When I was a kid I realised how, in Ufology, pettiness and jealousy was rife, the same with the paranormal and ghosts. And cryptozoology is no different and it’s really sad that a lot of people are so jealous, and eager to get better evidence than the last person, but why? Most of these mysteries will outlive us all, life is short, people need to lighten up, get over it and get on with it.

Jim: Neil, thanks again for taking the time for this interview. I and our readers do appreciate it.

Readers may keep up on Neil’s activities by visiting his blog here:

His books may be purchased through these links:

Monster! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena

Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent


Headed for Richmond

May 1, 2009

ghostlightioofrichmond4Tomorrow I’ll be taking a walkthrough of an historic building in downtown Richmond. A former Oddfellows Lodge built in 1865, the picture above is from 1896 and below as it appears today.


The Nightstalkers of Indiana are planning a paranormal investigation of the site later this summer. Details on the walkthrough early next week, and of course, an account of the investigation following.

~Bob Freeman
writing from the Haunted Hoosier Heartland


First Annual Paranormal Meet & Greet EXPO

May 1, 2009

First Annual Paranormal Meet and Greet EXPO

Hosted By: WPIRG, Crossroads Paranormal and ASPRN

When: Saturday, Jun 6, 2009 11:00 AM

Where: Honeywell Center Gym 275 W. Market Street Wabash 46992 .


All paranormal enthusiasts are welcome to attend and set up a table at the event free of charge. We have room for 50 – 70 tables and if you do not have your own tables, tables can be provided for you.

We are currently accepting donations from the groups or individuals to be given away via raffle at the event. Attendees will get 1 free raffle entry but if you bring a non perishable food item we will give you an additional entry! The food items donated will be given to a local non- profit food pantry to help those in need.

If you are planning to attend we would love for you to participate in our paranormal photo contest! Bring your photo to the event and people can vote for the best photo by placing a quarter into the canister that will be set out by your photo. The money raised from the voting will also be donated to a non-profit organization to help those in need through these tough economic times. The picture that has the most money in their canister will be the winner of the best paranormal photo (prize to be announced).

The ASPRN feed will be open for the event and CPR Show hosts Kris and Mike will be broadcasting the event and hope that other radio hosts from ASPRN will also participate in the broadcast. What this means is that if you are a group or individual that is going to attend the event stop by the live broadcast booth and tell us about yourself or your group LIVE ON AIR!

Table information contact

Donations contact

ASPRN contact