Hans Holzer

April 29, 2009

hans-holzerHans Holzer, known as the Father of the Paranormal, died Sunday at his Manhattan home after a long illness.

Dr. Hans Holzer, PhD, authored over 145 titles including Murder At Amityville, which was the basis for the 1982 film Amityville II: The Possession.

Having earned his PhD from the London College of Applied Science, he spent over five decades traveling the world to obtain first hand accounts of paranormal experiences, interviewing expert researchers, and developing parapsychological protocols and terminology such as ‘sensitive’ and ‘beings of light’.

hans-holzer2I first came across the work of Dr. Holzer in the 70s, through Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of… actually. This led me to books in the local library such as Ghosts I’ve Met, The Lively Ghosts of Ireland, Possessed!, and The Psychic Side of Dreams. These were invaluable to me and Hans Holzer’s work inspires me to this day.

He will be sorely missed.

I take a measure of joy today, however, knowing that Dr. Holzer has finally made the journey across the great divide for himself, and his questions… questions he asked all his life… have finally been answered.

Godspeed, Doctor.

~Bob Freeman
writing from the Haunted Hoosier Heartland



  1. 😦 How very sad. The paranormal world just got a shade grayer.

    I hope his answers were all he hoped for, and worth the trip. 🙂

  2. I have read Hans Holzer. He is a really great writer.

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