How Aleister Crowley Introduced the Iconic Gray Alien

April 5, 2009

lamIt is common within UFO and abduction narratives to find references to Whitley Strieber’s groundbreaking and now classic book, Communion. Although there were several abduction oriented books before its publication, and many varying depictions of the gray alien, for whatever reason, that particular book and its cover image seemed to finally cement the UFO/abduction phenomenon and the image of the alien into our consciousness.

The image was powerful not only on this mass scale, but individually also; there are accounts of people noticing the cover’s rather menacing bug-eyed alien and subsequently uncovering their own abduction encounters. In short, the image is and was undeniably powerful. But why?

There are many so called “nuts and bolts theorists”-those believing in the literal, tangible, straightforward reality of UFOs and aliens–who would argue (maybe rather exasperatedly) that the answer is obvious: that Strieber, being an “experiencer” himself, with full memory, and full writerly abilities, conveyed the abduction experience and attendant aliens in narrative and visual form, exactly. While it’s possible, it’s merely a logical deduction, and the alien story is an assumption.

Many might be surprised to learn that Strieber himself doesn’t (or didn’t) necessarily adhere to the nuts and bolts theory, or even that the entities are necessarily aliens.

In a Barnes and Noble Author’s chat transcript, dated April 12, 1997, he makes these following curious statements: “Is there such a thing as ‘grays?’ I don’t know.” ” I don’t know what the ‘visitors’ are.” And, “I assume aliens are the answer when we don’t know what’s going on.”

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  1. I always found Crowleys Holy Guardian Angel to be a …curious looking little bugger.

  2. The gray alien is an enemy for sound reasons. My remote viewing has told me that they do not know what ‘good’ is.

    They survive by parasitism through implants. I recently found hundreds of these implants in me and researched ways to remove them. They distort and harass straight energy channels through the chakras and body channels.

    The gray alien implant is fundamentally shaped like a T or |- and can come in rows of T’s. They hijack cell energy routing mechanisms to give energy to the T. They are false ‘silvers’ or spacers for facets of a quantum. Silver is like love. They steal love from the victims they implant it on.

    A quantum is like a gold marble which contains trigger signals that cascade events into being. The quantum is covered in silver facets, which are components of the quantum being triggered or not. The rolling of the quantum is what time is. We are continually looking directly at the gold quantum as it rolls around based on the facets or on our attention and energy in facetless areas. The quantum is a male event. The facet is a female condition.

    A quantum is also a question. Quantum computing makes use of Diamonds, which solve quantums. The Very First Thing in physics, older than any quantum, is a Diamond with four 90* corners and four *perfectly* flat sides, leading to decisions of Yes, No, True, and False. The world is entirely made up of these questions moving our facets and resources in vibrating organizations. A facet of a quantum is also a thing, like this keyboard. A facet that you’re not directly facing on the quantum is ‘interdimensional’. It is not currently active. You cannot see it or touch it [right now]. Gray aliens’ false implants avoid being accessed, so they remain unaccessible even when you’re directly at their location. They vibrate like your hand waving too fast to see and that vibration has no physical access point. But they cannot be 360* perfectly inaccessible, as nothing can be. These interdimensional implants, like their interdimensional ships, which can disappear, can be found. Gray aliens implant false facets on our healthy human quantums to try to replace real facets and to try to siphon quantum energy from us. They have no births, as they are made in laboratories, so they begin with no special bubble-quantum and no ability to be part of a quantum question-answer.

    They are beings without love or real loving purpose. They try to make up for this by being social. But their false promises and false social energies are not love. Love is measurable on a special spectrograph. I suspect they do not make stable sources of love like many humans can.

    Beware the gray alien and their treacherous gifts.

    William Bunker for US House of Representatives 2012.

  3. Watch out for Mr. Gay, LOL. (S. Kings “dreamcatcher”)

  4. The Grays are none other than the Elohim mentioned in the Book Of Genesis, creators of the physical shell you call a body. If you are a Gnostic, then you’re already aware these are the enemy. The Reptilians, so-called, are here to teach us of our own divinity. There’s something within that even the Grays can’t touch. “Know you not that we will judge the angels?” (St. Paul)

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