Ghostlight: Missives from an Occult Detective

April 1, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself…

For more than twenty-five years I have sought to peek behind the veil.

I’ve embarked on vision quests with shamans atop Hopi Mesa, searched for the Grail in fabled Roslyn Chapel, tracked werewolves in the Ozark Mountains, investigated the ruins of the Temple of the Sun, communed with spirits in a derelict Fraternal Lodge, and more… so much more.

The world is indeed filled with countless mysteries, and the truth lies somewhere between myth and reality.

Therein lies the heart of what The Ghostwriters Society is all about.

In the months to come, this blog will seek to shed light on the deeper mysteries, on the unseen forces, urban legends, and the fantastic and wondrous strange.

My journey began as a child, obsessing over folk tales from my parents’ native Arkansas and the ghost stories told that concerned my own backyard in rural Indiana.

I formed my first paranormal group, The Monster Club, in 1974, fueled as much by things as diverse as Night Gallery, Sammy Terry, Fate Magazine, In Search of Ancient Astronauts, the Universal Monsters, and the incomparable Night Stalker starring Darren McGavin, as by authentic dealings with the unexplained

This was the same year that I began slipping out of my bedroom late at night to wile away the hours in the crook of a gnarled old tree in the center of Little Pipe Creek Cemetery that was but a hop, skip, and a jump from my home.

Like I said, I was fascinated and that fascination led me to investigate, like an enthusiastic young Hardy Boy, every boneyard and abandoned home I happened upon. It is a fascination that fires my imagination and interest to this day.

In 1983, as a senior in high school, I founded The Nightstalkers of Indiana (named as an homage to the aforementioned McGavin series that had been so well crafted by the legendary Richard Matheson and Dan Curtis).

Off to college, I majored in Anthropology, with a focused interest in witchcraft, magic, and religion. I knew that this course of study would serve me well as an occult detective and the skills that I learned have proved invaluable to the way I approach the mysteries that The Nightstalkers become embroiled in.

I have immersed myself in the worlds of science and magick, desperate to look past the thin veil of our shared reality and into the machinations behind it all, to peek behind the curtain and stare long into the abyss.

My name is Bob Freeman and I am an author, artist, and supernaturalist, if you will. As a co-founder of the The Ghostwriters Society, I bring a lifetime of experience with the paranormal to the table and I look forward to not only sharing what I’ve learned but also toward learning from all of you.

Alba gu brath!

~Bob Freeman
Writing from the Haunted Hoosier Heartland
on this, the first of April, two thousand and nine



  1. Good job once more Bob. I’ll be following you.

  2. Thanks Willie. Much appreciated. Expect me to chew your ear in the near future for an interview on this site about some of your paranormal experiences.

    ~Bob Freeman
    Haunted in the Hoosier Heartland

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